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Media Consolidation Isn't Pretty

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Steps To Beauty

I know a lot of people paralyzed by what they should do as a skin care routine. Clinique did a great job with the Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize campaign. So good that you would be amazed at the amazement that a lot of my clients have when I say you don't necessarily need to tone. The paralysis comes from too many products out there and too many opinions. You have to do this! Your skin is lost without this!

Well here's one more opinion to add to the mix: It's all about finding the right products that fit your skin type and lifestyle. After years of buying tons of products that I didn't love, I found for product reviews. But nothing replaces going to a facialist that you trust and getting product recommendations. There are other fabulous reasons to go to a facialist (relaxation, therapy, extractions, professional only treatments) but the number one reason to go is so you can get put on a skin care routine.

Here's the article from the New York Times on the new steps for skin care regimens that inspired this post.

The one thing I like about this article is the emphasis on more skin care products and less foundation. Foundation/Concealer really only needs to be used on parts of your face that skin care products can't really correct or haven't corrected yet. The worst is if you have problem skin and you cover up the problems by shellacing on more foundation. Then your skin care problems will never be solved because you aren't allowing your skin to breathe!

A deeply cynical person (like myself) would scoff at new steps being added by a manufacturer since they want to sell more products. But what isn't cynical about changing up your routine is figuring out what you really need to do and why. Learn about the ingredients that work on your skin and buy only those products, no more.

For example, here's my skin care routine right now (it's a bit colder so I've changed it up from summer when my skin is oiler). The most important thing is the ingredients. You don't have to buy these particular brands, athough I've tried several Glycolic toners, cleanser and moisturizers and these are the ones that are the best.


  1. Wash with lukewarm water
  2. Glycolic toner on the oily/congested parts (nose and jaw for me) [SkinCeuticals LHA Toner]
  3. Moisturizer or Lavender toner if my skin feels tight after the Glycolic toner (which it usually doesn't) [Dermalogica Multi-Activ Toner or Nia24 Skin Stregthening Complex]
  4. SPF
  5. Concealer/Cover-up (dual action so conceals and heals) [ABBE End-Zit]
  6. Powder [Estee Lauder Translucent]


  1. Wash with Glycolic cleanser [Revision Brightening Cleanser]
  2. Glycolic moisturizer (if I'm feeling dry) or Retionol Treatment [Topix Glycolix Elite 10% or Topix Replenix Retionol x5]

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BizAstrology November 2011™
Let the Stars Guide You to Business Success!

Overall Themes in November 2011

Mercury, Venus, Sun and Eclipse in Sagittarius
We’ve all been feeling the effects of Scorpio, a committed and secretive sign, for the last couple of weeks in October. Both Mercury and Venus will scoot into Sagittarius at the very beginning of November. It’s time for everyone to turns our faces into the sun and enjoy its warmth. For November and December, we’re entering a lighter time of the year, moving away from the lessons of karmic balance and intuition that fall taught us. Mercury and Venus rule lead generation and conversion so capitalize on the expansive nature of Sagittarius during the beginning of the month. By the end of the month around Thanksgiving, Mercury will begin to move backwards into retrograde motion. New leads might not come as easily as in the beginning of the month. However during the three weeks of Mercury in retrograde I want everyone to focus their attentions on wooing their highest quality clients with big picture ideas that will change the world. Sagittarius is a sign about philosophy and travel, so anticipate expansion of your client’s ideas into new markets around the world or into new uncharted platforms. We’ll also be experiencing a solar eclipse in Sagittarius at the end of the month. We’ve all been feeling the effects of this Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse cycle that started back in June. Look for new beginnings (new doors, windows, clients, friends and lovers) as we move into December.

Business Cycle Focus: Mars in Virgo
The biggest news of the year is excitable Mars’ move into practical Virgo. Mars rules the operations part of the business cycle, while Virgo is all about getting things done. So this month especially will be a great time to kick off any implementations of new projects that have been bubbling and brewing since Mars entered creative Leo in September. Mars will go retrograde for a few months in the beginning of 2012, so look to the next couple of months as your powerhouse time to sew the seeds for great operational success. Operations can sometimes be managed more smoothly by someone whose sole purpose is setting up a great supply chain plan. With Saturn winding down its run in Libra, make sure you’ve found your perfect partner in crime if operational management isn’t your passion. There really are people out there who love to make things run perfectly. You know who they are, the types that organized the playground playtime or color coordinated their crayons. Either embrace your inner organizational geek or seek out this person to get your operations in the best shape possible.

Individual Signs in November 2011

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)
Lead Generation
I want my Aries to look to the stars for inspiration. Your ruling planet Mars is about to transition into a very long stay in Virgo for the next six months. This will be a time for buckling down, which is hard for my Aries. You guys wanna go out and play in the sun or maybe just charge up a mountain. Take your last couple of trips (in your mind or to a real place) before the power of Mars in Virgo forces you to get serious. Early November is the best time for generating new leads, with Jupiter, Mars and Uranus chatting with each other about how much they love your sign. Focus on your dreams, put your boots on the ground and you’ll find yourself charging up many mountains in the future.

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)
Lead Conversion
I want my Taurus to finish up home projects in preparation for a burst of creative energy. Mars is moving into your fifth house of romance and artistry. My epicurean Taurus’ are more comfortable with Mars in your fourth house of home, but the next six months will be a fantastic time for you to embrace your creative side. The full moon in your sign on November 11th is a once a year phenomena where whatever you wish for deep in your heart will find its way into existence. Keep on taking advantage of Jupiter in your sign, lucky Taurus, even though I know I don’t have to tell you twice! You should be in powerful lead conversion mode all month, culminating with the solar eclipse in your eighth house of other people’s money. Grab that client that you’ve always wanted and sore into December!

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Lead Conversion
I want my Geminis to look to their partners for guidance when it comes to the health of their business. Mars is dancing with Virgo into your fourth house so the next six months will be about embracing your renewed commitment to healthy living at home. It’s been a wild ride of eclipses in your sign that will keep on rolling until Spring of 2013. Just be your nimble, quick witted self, Gemini and you’ll come out on top (as you always do!). Your ruling planet is going into retrograde at the end of the month, but this, more than the other two times of Mercury Retrograde that we get during the year, is your time to slow down, relax and enjoy life’s little treats. Take a moment to hand write a letter to someone you love. Maybe it’s even time to put down the PowerPoint and pick up something more creative when it comes to convincing a client that you are the best person to take them where they want to go.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
I want my Cancers to enjoy the warmth of friends. Starting in late October, you’ve had many planets lining up in your fifth house of love. Now that the cooler winds of November are blowing, you’ll find your focus moving more towards the day to day operations of life. Your friends will give you a surprise gift on the full moon of November 11th. Since the full moon is in Taurus, this will be a beautiful refined present for you to enjoy for months to come. Virgo and Mars are making a move into your third house of communication, so get ready to start talking, Cancer. I know you will be well prepared for your time in the communication spotlight. Cancers usually have many things to say but sometimes don’t know the exact way to say it. You’ll find that your gift of gab that changes people’s hearts will grow for the next six months with Mars in your third house.

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)
Lead Generation
I want my Leos to focus all of their energy on what they hold dear in their heart as it relates to their career. The full moon is in your tenth house of career, fame and honors, so whatever you’ve been dreaming up for your career (a new job, a new client) this is the time to send it out into the universe. The eclipse at the end of the month is in your fifth house of creativity, so if you’ve been struggling with new ways of finding your clients, you might get a burst of inspiration as we move into December. Eclipses shake up our energy to let go of old thinking and bring in new ways of being. Virgo and Mars are entering your second house for the next six months, lucky Leos! This will give you a fantastic opportunity to focus on sustained wealth building, one you haven’t seen in a while. This might be something that you have been craving with all the spending you’ve done lately on yourself. Not to worry, your long term prospects for career success are fantastic with Virgo in your second house for such a long stay.

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)
I want my Virgos to prepare for the power of Mars energy in your sign. Mars is making his move into Virgo in the middle of the month and will stay for a very long time, six months. This will be a great time for you to get momentum on any work projects that may have stalled. With your ruler in Retrograde for the first couple of weeks that Mars is in your sign, you may not feel the full benefit at first. The universe only gives us what we are prepared for, so make sure that you use November to get your ducks in a row so that when you are asked to take flight you are ready. The eclipse at the end of the month will be in your fourth house of home, so be prepared for any sudden changes in your living situation or your home life. Even though I never have to tell my Virgos to be prepared, since you were born prepared! The combination of Saturn in your second house of income with Mars in your first house will give you strength to take your career to a new phase.

Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)
Lead conversion
I want my Libras to share their vision for their career with their closest friends and family. The people in our lives are sometimes the ones that can help us the most when it comes to making our dreams come true. With Saturn finishing up his turn in your chart, Libras born in the middle of October will be feeling the most pressure for the next couple of months. Take advantage of the full moon landing in your house of other people’s money to convince a client that you are the right choice. Since this full moon is in Taurus, you’ll need a delicious dinner or a great bottle of wine to seal the deal. Mars will be moving into your subconscious for the next six months so pay careful attention to any dreams that you may have. This will be a perfect time to start that dream journal you’ve thought about creating. If you are struggling with any area of your career, it’s often our subconscious that holds the answer.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
Lead Generation
I want my Scorpios to light a fire under your job search efforts. The past few months have been more focused on having fun, which is a breath of fresh air for my serious Scorpios. The fun will continue with Mars moving into your eleventh house of friendships for the next six months. This means that your energies and focus should be on friends, so if you are looking for new clients or new sources of work, reach out to your friends. With several planets lining up early in Sagittarius during your birth month, this is the time to celebrate your new beginnings and share your plans for reinventing yourself with the world. If you are thinking about starting a new workout routine, your best bet will be to find some friends to walk with you or play a sport. Your friends are going to be your most powerful allies in the next coming months if you truly want to change your life.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
I want my Sagittarii to bask in the glow of Mercury and Venus at the beginning of the month, and the warmth of the Sun and the New Moon at the end of the month. Change is coming in the form of a solar eclipse in your sign around November 24th. My passionate Sagittarii should use the beginning of the month to fall in love with themselves again with pretty Venus moving into your sign. The beginning of the month is also the best time for writing projects or speaking engagements. By the end of the month, planets will have shifted, along with an eclipse, so news may be jarring, especially when it comes to your health. The end of November will be the time to bring any projects to a glorious culmination and make room for new clients, since solar eclipses are times of new beginnings. You have a fantastically powerful dance of Mars in Virgo in your tenth house of career, fame and honors coming for the next six months, so my Sagittarius need to be ready to soar when it comes to their career.

Capricorns (Dec 22 - Jan 19)
I want my Capricorns to reflect on where they want to take their career at the beginning of the month. Mars is leaving your eight house of other people’s month, so you may have had an influx of cash recently from investors. Now that he’s moving into your ninth house of philosophy for the next six months, you have ample resources to craft your vision for how the world should be run. Take a moment during the middle of the month to put a creative project that you’ve been working on to bed, with Taurus in your fifth house of romance and creativity. Venus will be entering your sign early at the end of the month, so make an appointment at the hairdresser to make sure you are in tip top shape for the holidays.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
Lead Generation
I want my Aquarii to celebrate at as many parties this month. Aquarii are usually the life of the party anyway, with something to talk about with everyone. With so many planets lining up in your eleventh house of friendship, I’d like for you to capitalize on the empowerment of socialization. You’ll find new friends, clients and lovers if you need them, as long as you are out and about. With the eclipse in your eleventh house, be prepared for a shocking development concerning one of your friends. You’ll both be fine, as long as you are there for them as much as they need you. Mars is dancing into your eighth house of other people’s money, so if you’ve been looking for a loan or a line of investment capital, the next sixth months will be the ideal time to woo investors to your vision.

Pisces (Feb 19 - March 20)
I want my Pisces to put all of their efforts into their career this month. November is a time for dazzling your clients and impressing them with your skills that are unmatched. Several planets are lining up in your tenth house of career, fame and honors, keeping you busy with the clients that you already have. Focus on these super clients and they will lead you to even more clients that will keep you busy for years to come. Mars will be moving into your seventh house of partnership for the next six months, so consider adding an associate or a business partner if your workload gets too much for you to handle. New clients will slow down around the holiday, which coincides with Mercury Retrograde. That’s okay because you need this time to catch your breath and prepare for what’s to come in your career. Use Mercury Retrograde to reflect on how far you’ve come with your career and where you want it to go in 2012.

November Dates to Calendar
Mercury and Venus enter Sagittarius 11/3
Full Moon (aka Full Beaver Moon) in Taurus 11/10
Mars in Virgo 11/12
Sun in Sagittarius 11/23
Mercury retrograde 11/24
New Moon in Sagittarius 11/24
Partial Solar Eclipse 11/24

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