Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Travel beauty

I'm not a huge fan of travel because a. I have the best bed in the world b. Anthony Bourdain has shown me the world already! 

But if you do have to travel, here are some great tips on being beautiful while you travel. 

My favorite tip from the article is about doubling up on your Omega 3s. 
"three Omega-3 capsules twice a day on the day of the flight, and the same the next day. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, will help prevent blood clots (see above) and works magic on your skin."

The number one thing to remember when traveling is water. Get your hydration internally by drinking plenty before, during and after your flight. Don't forget the external hydration by using a moisturizer and facial spritz on the flight. You'll probably want to skip any heavy foundation or powders before you board. Then I'd recommend a light moisturizer once every 5 hours while you are on the plane. My favorite is Dermalogica's Active Moist. You can also bring a facial spritz like Dermalogica's Multi-Active Toner. Not everyone needs to spend money on toner, but if you travel a lot or have dry skin, then toner can be great for refreshing your skin throughout the day (or flight).

I also love the tip about a hydrating mask after you land. Wouldn't that be the best way to relax in the hotel after a long flight? My favorite simple hydrating mask is Aloe Vera, but if you aren't into the DIY, I love Dermalogica's Multi-Vitamin Power Mask. It has hydration from Vitamins C & E, plus some very gentle exfoliation from Vitamin A. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Its hard to think up new services. There are only so many things that can be done with hair, skin, nails and makeup. But that doesn't mean that everyone out there isn't trying. We would regularly try to brainstorm service ideas when I worked for a hair care manufacturer. The best we could come up with at the time was Baliage, which is french for painted on highlights.

I've been seeing this trend of Ombre for the past six months and I'm kind of lovin' it.

See to most people it just looks like crappy grown out roots. Which is a style that I rock all the time since I'm lazy about getting my hair done. It's just so much work. No seriously, I'm usually too antsy to get my hair colored and cut all in one session. And I'm way too impatient to get highlights. I know highlights change a lot of peoples lives, but I've never liked them on my hair. I was relieved once to talk with my hairdresser educator pal Annie who said that you should match your highlights to your texture. I.E. if you have a ton of texture (crazy curly hair) skip the highlights, but if you have pin straight hair, you can use highlights to create the illusion of texture. Since I more often then not where my hair curly, Annie's revelation was such a relief to me.

I experimented with a block of color around my face/bangs last year that I liked but it was ultimately too much  upkeep. I've slowly worked my way back to a solid block of color. Then I started noticed the Ombre thang, which looked like something I could do. Dark roots that gradually get lighter to the ends. Right now I'm kinda rockin' the opposite because I've been experimenting too much with hair color (and my hair tends to pick up a lot of hair color very easily). But next time I go to the salon, I'm going to get a little more bold and lighten up the ends. Its just hair right? And if it looks disastrous I can color it back or cut it off. That's my favorite part about hair color. It's so kinda-but-not-really-permanent!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A French Manicure for the 10s

It's like the chicks over at The Beauty Department read my mind! I love the idea of metallic tips. I'm going to try that for next week's manicure. But have Becky my favorite manicurist ever do it for me since I'm still perfecting the art of the French Manicure.

Right now I'm rockin' blue glitter tips. I'm digging this more than the gold glitter which looked a little cheesy. I tried out a matte pink tip and it just didn't go so well. I'm still struggling with how to get the crispest line for the manicure. I tried the qtip dipped in nail polish and that was a mess.

I googled and found a nail polish blog that had some really good tips on clean up. Number one tip that I'm going to use: brush! I actually have a cheap make-up brush that I think would be perfect to help me in my quest to get some super crisp french tip.

The best tip is to do the clean up on dry nails. Sometimes it's the simplest things that help a girl out! When I tried the clean up on semi-dry nails, it was a hopeless mess. I'm sure it's going to work a bit better once I let my nails dry a bit.

The other great tip that I found on lacquerized was called  wrapping. It's the process of tapping a little bit of color on the edge of or under your nail. This will help seal the tips and prevent chipping. Which is something I desperately need since the tips of my nails always seem to get chipped within one day of applying my polish!

Here's an article about French Manicures from the founder of Orly. Shout out to my nailanista friend Carina who does Marketing for Orly! Wikipedia says they were popular in the 18/1900s but I'm sure Jeff was the one to make the modern French Manicure popular. I wonder what he thinks of all the different twists (Reverse French Manicure and Black tips are the strangest but who am I to judge with my love of sparkly tips?)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To zap or not to zap

In the quest for easier hair removal, I've toyed with the idea of laser hair removal. It's just so expensive and doesn't get rid of the hair permanently. Just kinda thins it out like waxing does.

Recently I stumbled upon an article talking about Boots IPL hair reduction system. They make bold claims (6-12 weeks! Permanent!) that I'm not sure they can really substantiate. If it only thinned out my hair, I would still be happy.

For now, I'm sticking with a combination of waxing and my awesome Emjoi. That sucker really works and it only costs $60.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

10 Ways to Age like the French

I love how beautiful European women are. They carry themselves so elegantly. It's like they are all born with some innate beauty knowledge that women on other continents don't know about until they meet their gay best friends. My favorite tips from this article:
  • Keep it natural
  • No Soap
  • Exercise? Why? Go to a spa instead

And this is the best quote ever! French writer Fran├žoise Sagan wrote: “A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to take it off you.”

Check out more French women beauty tips here:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cosmetically Elegant

Cosmetically Elegant. The first time I heard that term was in a skin care seminar for Skin Medica. They were talking about how many women don't use Retin A from the doctor because the consistency is not that great. So true! Everyone I know has a half-used tube of RetinA that they've tried to use in their product closet. You can't throw it out because it is so expensive! But I never used it because it smelled so bad. RetinA is the Catch22 of beauty products.

SkinMedica and other skin care lines put Retinol (a derivative of Retin A) in lotions that smell pretty and feel good going on. That simple step allows for much greater patient compliance. I know it's true for me. As soon as I got Retinol in a night cream that didn't smell like dirty feet, I used it all up!

Which got me thinking about other things that have to be cosmetically elegant in order for me to use them. Apple products are the first ones that came to my mind. Sure I use a PC all day, and I'm not a snob so if anyone has an extra PC lying around, I'll take it. But I love sitting down and using my Macbook and my (just died last week) iMac. The whole user experience is so smooth. That's why Steve Jobs is an evil genius. He makes products that are significantly nicer to use than other computer manufacturers and then charges a premium for that. Damn him!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Oily Skin Care Tips from Rita

A lot of people with oily skin think that they don't have to moisturize. Not true! Sometimes, if your skin is oily, you might use products that dry up the oil and then over-dry your skin. Then you skin becomes more oily, you use more products and it gets even more dry. It's a vicious downward spiral.

Make sure you find a light, oil-free moisturizer that will give your skin proper hydration and help control oil. One of my favorites is from Dermalogica, Activ Moist. It's oil free and also has lavendar for extra anti-bacterial properties.

Check out more tips on caring for oily skin from my boss Rita:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How To Treat a Sunburn from Rita

Even though we are in the tail end of summer, I thought I would share these tips from my boss on how to treat a sunburn.

Number one tip: Fresh Aloe in the fridge!

Glitter nails

So I tried the glitter tastic tutorial last night. And it was a little much. I love glitter everywhere but for some reason (I think my nails are too short), it just didn't look quite right.

I attacked the nails with acetone but man oh man, glitter is a bitch to get off. Here's my best attempt to de-glitter the nail bed.

I am loving the concept of a reverse French manicure though. One of the things that always drove me crazy about having long nails was the dirt under the fingernail look. Now that I have something covering my tips you'll never be able to see just how much dirt is under my fingernails! Mwwaahahah! Just kidding, I don't work outside or with my hands so they were never that dirty. But it was enough to annoy me and turn me a little OCD about handwashing.

My two other favorite nail tools that I recently discovered.

1. Formaldehyde-Free nail strengthener. I'm always looking for new ways to keep me from bitting my nails. One way is if I make my nails so strong that it's not worth it to bite them. I'm loving this FF nail strengthener from Nail Tek. The FF formula just keeps your nails from drying out since formaldehyde can over dry your nails. I haven't bitten my nails in over a month which is a big step for a chronic nail bitter.

2. Glass file: This thing is amazing. It's like having a metal file that you can use over and over again and really go at your nails (unlike with most flimsy nail files). But it is a super fine grit so it doesn't tear at your nails like those metal file.

BizAstrology August 2011™
Let the Stars Guide You to Business Success!

Hello Master Astrologers,

You can tell Mercury is in retrograde because the technology was not cooperating to get this out to you by the first.

Ilana and I had a great time recording this and I know you will enjoy it too!

Have a wonderful August and don't forget to get out in the sunshine and put your feet in the grass.

In Joyful Service,

Jenn August & Ilana Weiner

Overall Themes For August 2011

Sun, New Moon and Venus in Leo
The Sun is happiest all year when it moves into Leo, its natural home. Leo is the sign of creativity, romance and children. Think about the Leos in your life. They are the ones that warm you with their smile, want to see every romantic comedy out there because they truly believe in the power of love and find time to play games outside such as basketball and bike riding that remind them and embrace their inner child. Just like your Leo friends, try to spend more time in the sun during August. Be outside more, yes, but also look on the bright side of life. Use the power of the Sun's energy to move your spirit and creativity. Enjoy the lazy days of summer! Leo is also a fixed fire sign which means that creative ideas that have been burning in you now have the energy to deepen and grow.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and Leo
Oh the infamous Mercury in Retrograde! I wonder when it was exactly that Mercury Retrograde first seeped into pop culture knowledge. Well, now you too will know all about the infamous Mercury and its retrograde period! Mercury represents communication and rules the air sign of Gemini and the earth sign of Virgo. Every once in a while (approximately 3 times a year) Mercury appears to be going backwards in the sky. Even though it's only an optical illusion, Mercury is still accused of being in retrograde i.e. moving backwards or retreating. You may have heard lots of scary things about Mercury in Retrograde. Don't send emails! Don't buy anything or sign anything! That is because along with communication, Mercury also rules contracts and anything with moving parts. Back in the day you had to be careful of your horse and buggy; nowadays you gotta watch out for your car and electronic gadgets.

I'm interested in sharing a new way of looking at Mercury in Retrograde. For me, this is a time to slow down in my communication, take a moment to think about that hastily written email before I send it, double and triple check any contract. It's time for everyone to embrace Mercury Retrograde as a reflexive period of deeper thought. My best advice during any Mercury Retrograde period is to be aware of the influences but like everything in Astrology, don't let it rule your life. So if you have to send an email or two, don't worry, it'll be okay. Just be aware that it might end up in the spam box during Mercury in Retrograde.

This month, Mercury is doing its retrograde dance in Virgo and Leo. Because of the movement of Mercury "backwards" then "forwards" between an earth sign and a fire sign, August will be peppered with passionate communication missteps in both love (at the beginning of the month) and your day to day job (at the end of the month). By the beginning of September, when Mercury goes direct into Virgo, we will all feel more strongly rooted in precise communication that exemplifies Mercury's transit through Virgo.

July Homework: Astrological tribes
Last month, I encouraged everyone to take a look at your Astrological tribe. Do a quick, back of the envelope calculation on the people closest to you. Are there any patterns? Is there too much or not enough of one particular sign or element? I counted up my close friends and like any good astrologer, I discovered that I have groups of friends in every sign. However, there are a few signs that dominate my life. I've got lots of Geminis, Leos, Capricorns and Pisces, which means I've got a nice mix of Air, Fire, Earth and Water people in my tribe. I'm able to rely on different members of my network at times in my life whatever my needs are (a spark of inspiration, some much needed grounding energy, a lighter perspective).

The other interesting pattern I noticed is where in the Zodiac my astrological tribe is clustered. The easiest way to compartmentalize each section of the zodiac is to imagine it divided into thirds. So signs in the first section represent the first third of life. Signs in the second section are your midlife, while signs in the third section are the last part of your life. My air friends are young which means they are extra child-like and excited about life. My fire friends are in the middle of the zodiac which means that their passion for life has burned brightly for a while and shows no signs of abating. Both my water and my earth friends are in the last part of the zodiac which means they've deepened their relationship with both their emotions and keeping their feet solidly connected to the earth.

Individual Signs

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)
I want my Aries to focus on their creative side through out August. Move your strength inward to find creative solutions to any problems that may come up during the past couple of months due to the powerful eclipse energy. With your ruler Mars running through Cancer in your fourth house, you will feel intense emotions in your home life, giving rise to more spending or new ideas. Also take a moment to take stock of how you handled any surprises that may have cropped up in the past few months, both from Uranus entering Aries back in March or the eclipse cycle of June and July. Uranus is staying in your sign for another 7 years so it's time to get used to this cycle of surprises!

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)
I want my Taurus to listen to their friends when it comes to career advice. With the full moon in your tenth house, this is the month to use all your communication tools to reach out to your friends and let them know your career aspirations. If you are looking for a job or new clients, tell everyone you know. Don't be shy! (like you would ever be shy!) You have extra energy behind your speech with Mars in your third house, so speak up Taurus. Also lucky Jupiter is in your sign for the next year so make sure to capitalize on this positive energy. Jupiter's strength comes from expansion so continue to look for ways to expand your life, through new experiences and social networks.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
I want my Geminis to be bold and well thought out in your gift of language. Mercury Retrograde can sometimes be tricky for Geminis, but with both the Sun and Mercury dancing through your third house, you will find a renewed life force in communication that you haven't had for a while. Make sure to use the energy of Mars in your second house to work-on building of long-term wealth. Perhaps its time to make a bid on a house that you've had your eye on for a while. Or search out a new source of income, to add to the many jobs you are already juggling. Use the time around the full moon to relax and enjoy a nice dinner out with your friends. These past couple of months with the eclipses in Gemini have meant a lot of changes in your life, so use August to settle in and take a break.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
I want my Cancers to shine light on areas of their life that have the potential to bring them money. Mars is making its way through your sign this month, which will give you a much needed jolt of self-confidence. With Uranus settling into your tenth house, you may have had a couple of career surprises in the last few months. Don't be fooled, Cancer, you are looking at a great year ahead where wealth can be built just as soon as you get out there and start networking. August is a perfect time to cast your net outside the home, where you tend to be most comfortable, in order to make growing your nest egg a reality.

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)
I want my Leos to create a plan of action for their career in the next twelve months. Your birth month is busy social time. Leos love to celebrate their life so they look forward to their birth month all year long! With Jupiter in your tenth house, this is the year to expand and grow your career. Instead of having multiple birthday parties over many nights, think about celebrating with one big bang, and using the rest of the time in August to sketch out where you see yourself taking your career. Take a moment and write a letter from your future self that describes the year you want to have and what you want to accomplish. With Mercury moving retrograde in your sign, you may have extra complications from missed phone calls or misunderstood emails. Realize that the frustration is just temporary so don't act too hastily when something goes awry.

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)
I want my Virgos to take extra care in how they present themselves in business this month. This Mercury Retrograde is especially tricky for Virgo since Mercury, your ruler, is moving in and out of your sign. You may feel out of sorts with your rhythm disrupted, so take time to get extra sleep, watch your health and make sure you stick to your daily exercise. Virgos usually want things to be just so, which rarely happens during Mercury Retrograde. Look for relief from the anxiety cause by Mercury Retrograde during the middle of the month when the moon enters your sixth house. This will be a great time to finish any projects that have been hanging over your head at work. The end of the month will feel even better with Mercury and the Sun in your sign! Make sure you use this time before your birth month to reflect on how far you've come in the past year.

Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)
I want my Libras to put all their energy towards their career this month. With Mars in your tenth house, it's a great time to start new projects and boldly go where no one else has gone before in your industry! Remember the saying that it takes money to make money. Mars sometimes encourages us to spend, so I'd love for my Libras to invest wisely in their career. Maybe take a class online to brush up your skills or buy a new piece of equipment for your job that you've been putting off buying. I also want my Libras to take time out of your schedule to nurture your friendships, which will be especially creative and fulfilling this month with the Sun and Venus in Leo. Saturn is moving towards its last year in your sign, so Libras born near the middle and end of sign may be feeling more pressures than usual. Saturn is a tough task master who has taken the last couple of years to teach Libras about their true identities, which is not always a pleasant process.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
I want my Scorpios to take the show on the road with their career. Both Leo and the Sun are shining their glorious energy in your tenth house so now is the time to expand any creative ideas that have been brewing about the direction that you want to take your career. It's time to make any moves, such as changing jobs or moving to an entirely new industry. Be careful that you don't trip up by saying the wrong thing to your co-workers this month, with Mercury moving backwards for part of the month in your tenth house. No matter if you do, I'm sure you'll smooth things over with your Scorpio charm! Realize that everyone is a little bit on edge because of Mercury Retrograde. Find a way to move more with the ebb and flow of things, rather than letting things bubble under the service as my Scorpios sometimes do.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
I want my Sagittarii to dream big this month! The planets are congregating in your ninth house of life philosophy so it's time to give life to any long held ideas to help grow your place in the world. Wealth building opportunities may have begun to pop up in areas of your chart that you sometimes forget about, such as your day to day life. This is a much needed reminder that every once in a while it pays to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. Energy will come in the form of other people's money, with Mars in your eighth house, so look to investors to help make your career dreams a reality!

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)
I want my Capricorns to look to other people to help them grow their money. With astrological energies gathering in your eighth house, now is the time to shed long held beliefs about how you earn money and come up with creative new ideas. Saturn is slowly moving through your tenth house, which means that you've been busy learning new ways of building satisfying partnerships. These are valuable lessons for Capricorns, who are too often content to run their entire business all by themselves in a vacuum. Find energy and life in those partners who have given you value over the past two years.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
I want my Aquarii to look at their business network and focus on the one person who they really want to partner with. Aquarii are social signs who love share ideas, so with Mercury in Leo this month, reach out to those around you who are going to help you grow your business. The retrograde motion means you need to be extra particular about who you contact. If you've been struggling with any health related issues from the series of eclipses this month, you will feel a renewed sense of physical and emotional wellbeing through August. Plus this month's full moon is in your sign, so if you have any projects that need to be brought to fruition, this is the best time of the year for that!

Pisces (Feb 19 - March 20)
I want my Pisces to take a look at what parts of their jobs are working well and reapply that success to every area of their life. If you have a particular organizational system that is helping you at work, recommend it to other people in your life or start using it at home. The full moon is in your natural house of the subconscious so be aware of the extra intuition that you may feel around the middle of the month. Your lessons so far with Saturn transiting Libra have been about uniting with others to build wealth, so check in with your business partners this month to see if there are any improvements that you need to make to your systems.

Homework assignment
Now that you've identified your astrological tribe, pick the sign that you feel the closest to and make a date with them. Do something creative that you haven't done in a while, like visit an art museum together or start a book club discussion.

August Dates to calendar
Mercury retrograde August 2nd - August 25th - Reflect on communication
Full Moon in Aquarius August 13th - Project with friends gets fulfilled
Sun in Virgo August 23rd - Time to Feel More Organized
New Moon in Virgo August 28th - New Beginnings in health

To Your Greatest Success!

Jenn August, C.H, C.L.S.C

Business Hypnotherapist & Success Coach
Musical Philanthropist

Ilana Weiner, L.E.
Beauty Magician

Have a wonderful month! Celebrate yourself - You deserve it!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Glitter nation

I'm a total sucker for glitter. Must be that I've never completely grown out of my little girl phase.
As far as trends go, it seems like glitter is definitely bigger this year than last. Although I don't think I'll be over glitter for a very long time since it's a cheap and fun way to add a little sparkle to your life. And who doesn't love sparkle?

Glitter brands:
1. Best cheap glitter: Sally Beauty Supply has the most awesome cheap glitter in most colors of the rainbow, all for $1. Fair warning this stuff is really hard to get off. Also if it gets in your eyes, it can be irritating, so if you have sensitive eyes, skip the SBS glitter and go for the good stuff
2. Best high end glitter: For loose glitter that I'm going to put near my eyes, I like going to Naimie's and getting their recommendations. They have a wider selection of glitter colors than you can get through Sally's and the glitter is finer, so it is less irritating.

Here are my favorite uses for glitter in beauty:
1. Eyelid: this is my go-to look when I want to do something different with my eyes and I don't feel like doing a lot of work. Some black liquid liner, a cream base (I use NYX Eyeshadow base), any glitter that matches my outfit or mood (usually light blue), mascara and I'm good to go. This look really makes your eyes stand out. Plus everyone seems to be amused by glitter. 

2. Eyeliner: this is fun, but it's a little too much for work and not enough for going out to a club. I use this if I'm feeling super ambition when I got out with friends to dinner, if I need a little extra sparkle. I'll dip a specially designated glitter liner brush (I like cheap angled eye liner brushes for glitter) in Glitter Glue (Ben Nye makes a great Glitter Glue) and then dip it into my best glitter.

3. Tattoos: These are a fun way to add sparkle to your body. All you need is body glue (which is the same glue nail techs use to glue on fake nails), stencils and cosmetic glitter (you could get away with using the cheap stuff from Sally's on your body). You can get the stencils from Glimmer Tattoo. If you are a cheerleader or going to a Ke$ha concert, you can free-hand it on your face as well. Just make sure that you keep your glitter brushes separate from your real make-up brushes, because glitter tends to get everywhere and render the brush useless for anything other than glitter.

4. Nails: I never thought about it until I watched this tutorial, but you can totally glitter up your favorite nail polish with the Sally's Glitter. In the tutorial, the girl mixes clear with glitter on a piece of paper and then applies the mixture to the nail tip to give a glittery twist to the french manicure. I love it! Sally's also has cute $1 glitter nail polishes that are fun because as they chip, they slowly disappear. So you get get that tattered look on your nails as quickly as you do if you go with traditional nail polish.

I'll post pictures of my glitter adventures next time!