About Me

I'm a busy busy Gemini! Currently I'm freelancing as an esthetician and editing my young adult urban fantasy novel. 

text is best! 323-804-9197. Seriously I love texting. Unless you are a marketer trying to sell me something.

While working at a beauty manufacturer, I met beauty professionals who loved their career because they made people smile all day long. I realized those moments of happiness that I had whenever I felt truly beautiful were moments that I wanted to give to my own clients. I've worked in marketing, education, as a make-up artist and as a waxer. My true passion is giving people fantastic skin. Your skin is your face to the world and represents your health and beauty in the most pure essence. 

My focus is medical esthetics which means I specialize in solving any skin care problems that you may have, including acne and anti-aging. I'm also interested in helping maintain your skin throughout each of your life stages. I have received advanced educational training microdermabrasion, peels, and ultrasonic. The brands I use, retail and love are: Dermalogica, NIA24, SkinCeuticals and Topix.

    *Gemini Sun* Sagittarius Rising*Aries Moon*