Wear sunscreen everyday (rain or shine). You never know when those UVA and UVB rays are going to sneak out and attack you. You should reapply every 3 hours if you are in the sun. Find your metaphysical sunscreen and apply it everyday too.

Everything starts with a good foundation. For your skin that means great color, smooth texture, even tone and firm elasticity. And yes it could mean a great foundation, although tinted moisturizer and matching powder works for most people. In life, make sure you get a good education and continuing to learn throughout your life, even after you've left school.

Less can be more (but if you want to go for it, go for it) Don't feel the need to layer on tons of make-up if you don't feel comfortable wearing tons of make-up. Focus on the areas of your face and your body that you love and want to play up. Except when you need to shout to be heard because no one is listening. Then feel free to shout. And by shouting I mean liberal use of color and exclamation points!!!! 

Always work within your budget. If you've got problem skin, spend the money to get your skin to a great foundational state. But if your skin is relatively normal, spend your money on one really awesome product, something that your skin will love you for. That applies to every other area of your life. If you've got a problem, spend the money to fix it. Otherwise, just buy one really awesome thing. 

Meander In Beauty. From the Navajo worldview that everything is interconnected, called "Walking In Beauty". I've updated it to be meandering because that's how I walk, strollin' and struttin' through life. Much to the chagrin of my boyfriend who walks with purpose. Thank you Dr. Alvord for introducing me to that concept.