Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love of my beauty life: Target

Oh Target. Our love affair has been for so long. Since the days back in the 80s when my dad took me shopping there for my first clothing purchase as a tween (leggings) to today when I have to keep myself from spending more than $100 each trip, I've loved you so.

I especially love browsing the clothing and cosmetic aisles. Target is one of those fast fashion places to me, filled with disposable clothing and quick beauty finds. I also have a new buddy now, Sandi, who loves browsing Target almost as much as I do. So partners in crime we hit up the Target in Silverlake. We meander around for hours looking at cheesy, Donna Martin Graduates inspired fashions (if you get that reference you are a child of the 90s!) and searching for a compact to replace my broken one. I didn't buy any clothes but I did get an organic, refillable, green compact from Physicians Formula that smells funny (is it the fact that it's made from bamboo) but does make me feel better that it's refillable.

One of my favorite thing about Target is that they have different merchandise depending on the Target you go to. And we have such an amazing variety of neighborhoods in LA and a huge assortment of Targets within a 50 mile radius that you can find some unique items. My everyday Target is in Burbank, my fancier Target is in Woodland Hills and my Target to get cool stuff from is in West Hollywood, Ladera Heights and Silverlake.

What sparked this outpouring of Target love? An article I found today in The New York Times talking about Target and Manhattan:
I would love to visit all 9 Targets around Manhattan to see the diversity of merchandise that they have. I bet the Lower East Side Target is totally different (in a good way) from the Upper West Side Target.

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