Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spread the word!

So I've been brainstorming with my friend James about ways to become a famous blogger. No not really. We just want more than one person reading our blog. He sent me a great list of 10 things that I have to do. Number one is register with Technorati. So here is my claim number: HHQWF8AGG427.

Number 2-10 are pretty intuitive, although I liked #3 which was say something controversial. That's right. I need to really bring it on my beauty blog posts if I want people to start noticing me. Like my last post about toner. I thought the title was kind of controversial (Toner - awesome or scam?) since everyone in the beauty business is about selling more more more.

#8 on the list was about getting your friends to spread the word. So if you like one of my posts, make sure you Digg it or Facebook it or Stumble.upon it. There are so many crazy ways to share stuff nowaways. But as always word of mouth marketing is usually the best. So now I'm going to call upon my friends to help spread the word!

1 comment:

  1. Toner..... I don't think it is a scam. I think it is a refreshing step to soothe the skin and allow it best absorb the moisturizer!

    The other thing I did to was to enable adsense on my site.

    I can't figure out the Techwhatever site. I can't get it to do anything... ARGH.

    I'm gonna call you friday and have you walk me through it!!!