Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Awesome Product Alert: Dry Shampoo

I'll admit it. I'm an over-shampooer. I've felt guilt about this forever. My stylists always look at me with a frown on their face. "Why?" they ask. "Don't you know you don't need to wash everyday? Don't you know that you are ruining all of my hard work? Don't you know that you are fading your color?" I know. I totally know. And I don't care. I hate how my hair feels 24 hours after shampooing. Greasy, heavy, dirty and yucky, to use just a couple of Y-words. I've been told several times that it looks great on that second day but I don't care. It just feels awful.

At least I didn't care. Until I was a test model for the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. They told me not to wash my hair for four days (my personal hell!) after getting the treatment. And then after that I should try to wash my hair as little as possible since the treatment faded out with repeat washing. I loved how straight and glossy my hair looked after the BKT so I was determined to figure out a solution to break my daily washing addiction.

Dry shampoo. I knew about it in theory and I'd always meant to try it. I mentioned my daily washing problem to a friend and she gave me my first can of dry shampoo. Yup the stuff comes in an aerosol spray can (brings back memories of the 80s whenever I use it). She is pregnant so she decided to avoid as many strange chemicals as possible. And dry shampoos are filled with plenty of strange chemicals. Truth be told most of the dry shampoos are filled primarily with corn/rice starch and powder. You could totally try baby powder first before investing in dry shampoos. I did that a couple of times but I didn't work at all on my hair. Just made my hair powdery and oily at the same time. Other natural and cheap alternatives are corn meal, talcum powder and corn starch.

After that first can of dry shampoo (Furterer) I decided to test out as many dry shampoos as possible. That's my thing, searching for the ellusive best beauty product. I tested 5 shampoos before I ran out of steam, mostly because I found one that I really liked. Here are my thoughts on the 5 that I road tested. The max that anyone could get is 5 stars and 5 dollar signs. And just a quick note, I put the price per oz because everyone has a different size so it's only fair to compare on a price per oz level!

6.3oz - $20 ($3.17 per oz)
I love this product. It worked the best of all the dry shampoos that I've tried. Absorbed the oil at the roots didn't dry out my hair, gave me body, smelled great, lasts long. I've read other reviews that say the can is defective but mine is working great. This is my top choice. PS Did I mention the smell is great? It's so funny how important smell is to me. Second only to performance since I'm very smell sensitive. And the price per oz is great too. That's me in a nutshell, how I judge products. Performance, then smell, then price.

Bumble and bumble Hair Powder
4.4oz - $39 ($8.86 per oz)
I just started using this product because I'm working in a Bumble and bumble salon called Frenchy's Beauty Parlor in Burbank. It smells delicious and works great. The best part about it is that it is one of the few dry shampoos that comes customized in colors (brown for brunettes, red for red heads). This doesn't sound that amazing until you try other dry shampoos and they leave your hair a grey powdery mess. And the owner of Frenchy's, Lacey, shared a neat tip with me. If you have serious roots going on and haven't made it to the salon you can use a little dry shampoo to blend the line of demarcation. It's pricey but that might be worth it for the dual action (dry shampoo and root hider).
Full disclosure: I have been a huge fan of Bumble and bumble for years, ever since I got my first tub of Sumotech. I'm excited to be at a Bumble and bumble salon... but... if there is a product I love from them, of course I'm going to talk about it and if there is something that I don't like, I'm going to talk about it too! 
Too early to tell but so far I really like it **** If it changes I'll re-post!

5.3oz - $17 ($3.20 per oz)
My friend James just got a job at KMS in their education department. I had never looked twice at this brand before he worked there but now I decided to give it a try. I was surprised at how much I like it. It smells great, it does the job and it doesn't leave my hair too powdery. The only downside is that it tends to really dry out your hair. I know that's the purpose of a dry shampoo but I found that the dryness extended way beyond my roots to the ends of my hair. 

3.4oz - $24 ($7.05 per oz)
This is the original dry shampoo that my friend gave me. I liked it a lot but I used it up quickly. Then when I saw the price I was shocked. I would go through a bottle of this in a month. So I'm not sure that the price is worth the performance. And when I started using other dry shampoos I realized that there were better products out there for my hair type. My friend loves this stuff and she has wildly different hair than mine (baby fine and super straight vs. my hair which is fine but there is tons of it and it's wavy). So it's important to note that products that I love or hate might just be because of my hair type.

Salon Grafix
4oz - $7 ($1.75 per oz)
I had seen this in Target several times and thought about buying it. But now that I was on a dry shampoo quest I thought I would give it a try. It totally sucked. Didn't do anything for my hair. I was super bummed since it was invisible dry shampoo and super cheap. The Furterer had left a powdery residue on my hair and was super expensive but at least it did what it said it was supposed to do.

Let me know if you have any dry shampoo favorites. There are of course plenty of other brands for me to try. Ojon, Fekkai, Blandi, Sexy Hair to name a few. That's what happens when you are a beauty addict. There's always something else out there. Also let me know about the natural alternatives. I feel like I should have worked harder on those and not just given up after the baby powder fiasco.

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  1. This was very useful, thanks for sharing! my hair is the same, gets oil if I don't wash it everyday, so maybe I will try this.