Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The perfectly defined brow

As some of you know, I'm absolutely eyebrow obsessed. This comes mostly from my crazy Russian eyebrows (courtesy of my father) that makes me look like Groucho Marx if I don't take care of them. And it's also from the fact that once I did start to take care of my eyebrows, I realized how much of a difference shaping your eyebrows makes. By just removing the stray hairs in your arch, you can open up your eye and give yourself a mini-face lift. My favorite trick if you have unruly brows is to trim them on a regular basis using mustache scissors, plus a bit of wax or pomade to put them in their place.

Since I've don't have a problem with thin brows, I never got to play with eyebrow shading and definition. Now that I'm working as an eyebrow/make-up artist I'm starting to learn the magic of shading to help define eyebrows. I'm not a huge fan of pencils since they tend to give a harder line and look. So I'd recommend investing in a small angled brow brush. MAC makes a great one - 208.

You can use your favorite brown shadow with the brush or invest in a brow shadow palette. Smashbox makes one called "Brow Tech" which includes wax to help with brow flyaways.  I recently discovered MakeupByCheri tutorials on YouTube where she has a great one outlining the steps to creating the perfect brow shape. Also for everyone who gets a brow shaping by me, I'll finish the session with a complementary mini-class on eyebrow shading!

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