Friday, June 25, 2010

Hair Down There

Now that I'm an esthetician, that seems to be the number one topic of conversation, the hair down there. People love talking about it, sometimes to giggle and be embarrassed, sometimes to legitimately ask me questions about a topic that is a double taboo - hair removal and your nether region.

The biggest thing I've noticed about Brazilians is the amount of psychologizing that you need to do with people. I took a class on eyebrows and the teacher mentioned that most people will come to you with eyebrow baggage. So true! Of course I've noticed way more baggage when it comes to Brazilians. Women just aren't as comfortable with our junk as guys are. It's more than just the obvious fact that their bait and tackle is out for display and we've got to grab a mirror to get up close and personal with our lady bits.

There seem to be a thousand different ways to refer to the area down there. I've tried out: vagina, lady bits, junk, crotch, vajayjay and whoha. Lady bits usually gets a smile and then the women relax a bit. Vagina makes people tense up, like they've entered a doctor's office.  Vajayjay is too silly. And junk and crotch are just too much for women, although men are cool with me calling their junk junk.

Speaking of, I still haven't worked out my brazilian technique on guys. I know once the guys start trying it out they will really dig it. But they just need to get over the thought of trying it out. There is so much fear about the pain level that usually doesn't manifest itself. 9 time out of 10 people say "Wow that didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would!" Which is great because it shouldn't hurt too much. The skin down there is a little bit more sensitive than other areas, but I think it's mostly the vulnerability that we feel that leads to the idea that it's gonna really hurt.

In case you are trying to figure out the differences between waxing, shaving and nairing (please don't ever do that to your lady bits!), I found a great article that compares and rates the different methods of hair removal. Of course I'm a little biased... they did rate waxing the highest. But that's because it really is the best hair removal option out there, besides laser. Laser is great if you have the cash and the right skin type/hair color - it works best on fair skin and dark hair. You should also know that it doesn't permanently remove the hair. It does the same thing as waxing, that is, thin the hair so that it doesn't grow back as much. Depending on your skin type and hair color, you may be able to get the same results from regular waxing as you would from laser at a much lower cost.

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  1. OK, convince me. Why should we want to remove the hair down there? When did this become a sign of beauty? Interesting blog but probably not something you want to discuss with your mother.