Friday, June 4, 2010


My friend Kelly is doing a great job of promoting through Facebook. She started at Plush Salon (featured on one of Tabitha's Salon Takeover shows) in January of this year as an esthetician. And she's been tearing up the charts with Facebook posts for Plush ever since. I love some of her promotions so I'm borrowing one - $60 for 60 minutes of waxing.

How is Facebooking/Twittering changing marketing for small businesses? A lot has been written on this subject, mostly about food trucks. I'm interested in the health and beauty biz so I'm wondering how many people out there are following/friending their beauty salon or their stylist. I asked a trainer that I'm working with the other day if she posted on Facebook, since I'd be interested to hear her thoughts on health and read any articles that she found interesting. None of my clients have asked if I post beauty articles through Facebook, so I'm not sure if the beauty biz is as technically connected. Sure people want to hear about deals, but do they really want to know about the latest skin care innovation? I know I do because beauty is one of those things that I'm really interested in. Interested enough to make a career change.

I think the Facebook/Twitter/Email list is a great way to connect with your customers on a more frequent basis. Most salon goers come in twice or three times a year. But if they sign up to be tweeted at, they are committing to once a week communication. Although I still haven't figured out the twitter thing and I just did a massive hiding of most, if not all, of the business pages that I had friended on Facebook. I'm pretty sure all the uproar in the press about Facebook lately and privacy got me thinking that I was spending too much time reading posts about too many things and spreading myself too thin. After the massive hiding campaign, I spend at most a couple of minutes a day reading my News Feed. I'm hoping to start using my lost minutes to Facebook for something productive. Like tweeting to my customers. Which I know is a massive contradiction.

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