Monday, November 23, 2009


"Ilana did a fabulous job waxing my very coarse and stubborn chin hairs and reshaping my eyebrows.  She was focused and super attentive and made sure every last hair was removed.  When she finished I felt it was the best waxing job I had ever had.  Often after a waxing I have to go home and tweeze some hairs that were missed.  Not this time!" -- Carole T.

"Ilana's waxing technique was so quick and pain-free that I felt like I could wax on a regular basis, not just twice a year." -- Deborah C.

"I refuse to ever shave again! Now I always wait to wax instead, no matter how much complaining my boyfriend does." -- Lacey P.

"Ilana took her time and made sure that every hair was gone. My boyfriend was very happy." -- Tati B.

"Her facial was fabulous. My skin felt so soft right after the facial and it was noticeably soft for days. Plus it was so relaxing because she has a very intuitive and comfortable touch. What I enjoyed most about my facial was that she was able to diagnose my skin care needs and recommend appropriate treatment." -- James J.

"Ilana gives an amazing facial - she is very conscientious throughout the whole process, making you feel incredibly relaxed and at ease.....and at the end, your skin looks phenomenal." -- Tia C.

"Ilana is a consummate professional in all aspects of the word. The facial I received from her was one of my most enjoyable. From my skin diagnosis, product and personal recommendations to the massage every step was delivered with the utmost service. Friends commented that my skin was glowing for a week after my facial. I have had many facials and Ilana truly has the "gift" of touch." -- Annie L.

"Ilana's facial was magical.  She had a soft, confident touch which made the experience both refreshing and relaxing.  She was knowledgeable about skin products and gave me several practical tips on how to take care of my skin.  I felt the soothing effect of the facial for days afterward."  -- Carole T.

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