Thursday, May 6, 2010

Revitabrow Test: Week 0

Eyelash and eyebrow conditioners have so much potential if they really work. And isn't that the question for all beauty products, that is, do they really work? My favorite go to website to answer that question has always been Make-Up Alley. The wisdom of the crowd letting me know whether or not I should drop my hard earned cash on the latest miracle beauty product.

I read mostly positive reviews of the Revitalash eyelash conditioner over on Make-up Alley before I decided to buy it. But I didn't see anything for Revitabrow, a similar product for your eyebrows. So I decided to conduct my own totally unscientific, sample size of one, Revitabrow product test using Lacey as my test model. Lacey has complained about her sparse brows for years. She dutifully powders them in every day but she would love to show off her natural brows.

Here's a picture of her eyebrows, unpowdered and right before she started using Revitabrow.

For the next 12 weeks, Lacey is going to be dutifully using Revitabrow every day and then sending me a picture of the progress. I'll post the pics and her thoughts once a month so you can see if she goes through a dramatic brow transformation.

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